Sex Drive

High Sex Drive (Libido) refers to a man’s physiological and psychological urge or desire to indulge in sexual activity with a woman. A man’s sex drive can either be naturally high, as in, their desire to engage in sexual activity is strong by default, or it can be a momentary thing, where their sex drive is high for a certain period of time, such as a few days or hours.

It is beneficial from an evolutionary point of view for a male to have a high sex drive. A high sex drive and desire to have sex often will better ensure that reproduction takes places, which means passing on the gene pool. This can directly benefit a guy when he is looking to pull a women in a club or generally pick up girls. His high sex drive will act as the catalyst for taking action. It will motivate him to seek out and interact with members of the opposite sex. As such, he will be putting himself in more situations with women which increases his chances of having sex. There are often benefits to having a high sex drive. Typically, a guy who has a high sex drive will be more energetic and eager to interact with women. This energy can radiate in many ways, such as acting in a fun, confident, masculine way. The desire to have sex will also mean things like eye contact, and body language will be strong and dominant.

Conversely, having a lower sex drive will have the opposite effect. One way for a man to ensure a higher sex drive is to reduce the amount of masturbation that they partake in, as well as cutting down on – or refraining completely – from watching pornography. Porn and masturbation are a quick, easy solution to satisfying growing sexual urges and desires. As such, they reduce the motivation of a man to go out and actively meet and attempt to seduce real women. They can also have the effect of desensitising men from the real thing, which can contribute to a sexual performance related problem. Furthermore, pornography is known to be highly addictive, so regular watchers can run the risk of becoming dependent on pornography for their sexual gratification. This further decreases and lowers the sex drive, which in turn decreases a man’s motivation to meet new girls.

Girls with higher sex drives, similarly, will tend to be more receptive to male advances. As with men, this high sex drive could be a default state of that particular girl, or it could be a moment of horniness on the part of the girl.