Facebook Close

Since a few Years Facebook has become so popular, that nearly every person around the world has a profile there. Not only a profile, it’s used everyday, for conversations and posting all the memories in life. So to stay in contact with a woman you just met, it’s a nice alternative to the good old Number Close. Both have their pros and cons, which you can compare here: Facebook Close VS Phone Number Close or a detailed FBC-Method in Clubgame.

In short, the Facebook Close is much easier to get, cause it does not feel so personal for the woman. You can gain a lot more informations about her, her pictures, friends, likes and comments will help to get to know her quickly. It’s not so personal like a Phone Number, but its easy to start a conversation. Be careful that you don’t chat to long, keep it funny and interesting, than make up a date, when the conversation is going well. Always build enough rapport before you make a number or Facebook Close and if the situation allows it, try to go for the Kiss Close, Instant Date or Fuck Close.