Last Minute Resistance

All guys will experience LMR at some point – often with many different girls. Last Minute Resistance is where a girl will prevent a man from escalating beyond a certain point in the bedroom. Often these moments of LMR occur when things are heating up towards sex, such as when you attempt to remove clothes, or attempt any sexual moves beyond kissing. This resistance can occur for several reasons; she feels things are moving too quickly, she is nervous, she doesn’t want to feel slutty by giving it up too easily, etc..

Ideally you want to limit LMR occurring in the first place. You can do this through building and developing comfort with the girl prior to heading home to seal the deal. The more comfortable and relaxed a girl feels around you, the more open and receptive she will be towards physical escalation. In the likely event that you are to encounter LMR at some point, it is critical that you do not continue to try and escalate using force or pressure. In these situations, back off a little, do something else – watch videos, look at pictures, re-escalate slightly, back off again… Gradually build the escalation up nice and slowly. Kissing, massages and other small escalations will arouse her to the point of no resistance.

Remember, when resistance arises – be cool! Stay non-reactive and under no circumstances make the girl feel pressured. Trying to bulldoze your way through LMR will likely not end well. Each time you back off, ramp things up just a little further each time, and repeat. The girl will become more comfortable with the subtle escalations, things will feel slower and less rushed and she’ll feel more relaxed and turned on. Eventually you’ll hear those wonderful five words… “Do you have a condom?”