Approach Invitation

An Approach Invitation or ‘AI’ is any signal (conscious or unconscious) that a girl will send to a guy that suggests she wants to meet and interact with him in some way. It is important for a guy to to be alert and aware so that he can spot these signals, as this will effectively turn a ‘cold’ approach into a warm approach. These signal are often quite subtle, and are a good indication that the girl is attracted (or at least curious) and wants the man to make a move. If you receive an AI, the interaction is likely to go a lot more smoothly and the girl will likely be much more receptive to your advances from the off. Here are some common AI’s to look out for:

  • A moment of sustained eye contact, usually from across the room or bar.
  • The ‘double-take’ eye contact. This is a more progressive sign than the above example. If you catch her eye and she looks away, check to see if she looks back again.
  • When catching her gaze, she lets slip a small smile, or she reciprocates a gesture from you, such as a smile, wave or wink.
  • She initiates some form of ‘accidental’ contact, even though there is plenty of room. Usually this will be shoulder to shoulder at the bar. In more advanced situations, like being one on one with a girl in the bedroom, she may use her feet or knees to touch your legs when sat on the bed.
  • She dances near to you on the club dance floor, and ‘hovers’ there for a while.
  • She ‘accidentally’ bumps into you on the dance floor.

If you identify a girl as giving off an Approach Invitation, it is crucially important that you open as soon as possible. If you wait and delay things too long, she will either assume you are not interested or she will lose interest herself. By not going over and interacting with her despite her giving you the come on, is to suggest a lack of confidence on your part. The quicker you react after the AI, the ‘warmer’ and more receptive she will be towards you.