False Time Constraint

When you enter a Set, you will break into their accustomed environment and maybe interrupt their conversation. You are also strange to them, so they don’t know that your a cool guy who will bring them fun, cause most guys who do this, are needy, boring and the worst part: they don’t know when it’s time to go and keep staying there with a weird vibe.

Thats why you use a false time constraint, to tell them you will leave them very quick so if you suck, it will not last long. But than when the set is hooking and everybody has fun, they don’t want you to leave anymore, you also don’t have to cause it’s a FALSE time constraint. The second benefit is, you are showing that your time is scarcity, you can be gone every second so they feel a small pressure to invest in the conversation that it keeps holding you.

You don’t need to use a false time constraint on every approach, it’s mainly for situations were you could disrupt a conversation or when your target is sitting between her friends.

A false time constraint works even better, if also your body language displays that your on the way, for example sitting like you would leave any second. It’s also possible to trigger the same effect only with your body language itself, it’s called: Bodyrocking.


– Quick Questions …
– I’m just leaving, but …
– My friends will come in a second, but …


The target asks you something like: “Didn’t want to find your friends?”
-> Clear sign of disinterest, you should eject with “Oh i really need to go now! Nice meeting you, have a great night”
-> If she still seems to be attracted and it’s more kind of a shit test, answer: “No it was just an excuse, if you would bore me”