Friend Zone

The ‘Friend Zone’ refers to a situation whereby a man has found himself stuck in a platonic, non-sexual relationship with her a girl he is attracted to. In this situation, the girl sees the guy as a good friend, a brother or a colleague – and no more. There are a couple of key reasons as to why a man might find himself in this situation.

First, he failed to create attraction through teasing, flirting and bantering with the girl. Instead, he developed comfort, trust and rapport. As such, she’s see the guy in a different light. She sees him as a shoulder to lean on, someone to confide in or hang out with, free from the tension and hassle of dating or sexually based relationships.

The other major reason that a guy might find himself in the Friend Zone is because he failed to express any interest in the girl.

At best, he did so when it was too late. Guys often hold back from revealing their interest in a girl for fear of rejection. As a result, they end up becoming close with the girl whilst harbouring unreciprocated feelings towards her without her knowledge. The problem with this situation is that, due to the trust established between the guy and girl, she will often open up to him about things like dating, sex, how she is feeling etc… but will always be referring to other guys. Often the guy feigns concern or interest in order to hide his hurt or jealously, which will compromise his ability to actually help her and advise her on certain topics or problems. In the end, this makes the situation potentially quite damaging for both parties.