Fuck Ten Other Women

‘Fuck ten other women’ is a term used to describe a particular method that can be used to help a man get over a breakup or a case of ‘oneitis’. The idea is that, in order to get over the feelings that a man holds about a past relationship, he must start to interact and see other women.

It can be very difficult for a guy to ‘get over’ a broken up relationship. Over the course of a relationship, a man’s feelings for his partner will strengthen. The girl and himself will also develop a relationship where they are both completely comfortable and open around each other, and are able to express themselves freely and uncensored or filtered. Put simply, a connection on a deep, non-superficial level is created. Getting to this stage in a relationship takes time and naturally feels good once achieved. A such, a guy may end up adopting such beliefs like, “I’ll never find a girl like this again”, or even, “she was the one”. There’s no doubt that break ups are tough, but at some point, both parties will have to move on.

The basic premise of the FTOW principle is that by going out and meeting other girls, the man will start to realise that his belief that he’ll “never find a girl like this again”, is not true. By the same token, just by going out and meeting girls, he will have fun and therefore realise that being newly single again is not necessarily a bad thing but in actual fact a positive thing. It’s like starting a new chapter in a book. Eventually, the feelings that he previously held for a certain girl will shift onto either a new girl, or his newly enforced situation (single).

The phrase, ‘Fuck Ten Other Women’ does not need to be taken and applied literally. If it is at all possible for the guy to actually have sex with ten other girls, then it is likely he has the skills and self-confidence to get over his ended relationship quite quickly. For most, it is used as an expression, similar to “there’s plenty more fish in the sea”, except here there is more emphasis placed on taking action by actually going out and meeting other girls (even if it doesn’t result in a deluge of sexual activity at first).