Demonstrate Higher Value

A DHV is a story or action conducted by a man to make himself appear or come across as a person of high status, thus making himself immediately more desirable to a female. There are many different ways for a guy to demonstrate that he is a high-value man.

DHV’ing can be entirely natural or produced via a routine or scripted story. Using a routine requires telling an interesting story about yourself or an experience whilst dropping in subtle DHV’s. The main DHV’s are pre-selection and leadership. Pre-selection is where a guy can visibly attract other girls and make girls ‘want’ him. If a girl can see that a guy can get girls, this makes them immediately more attractive to other girls in the environment. Leadership qualities demonstrate high levels of confidence and authority, which are attractive characteristics for a female as it naturally generates attraction through male-female polarity and are the second biggest DHV.

It is possible to DHV without the use of canned material. Often, a good, solid, direct opener will DHV as it displays attractive behaviours like confidence, humour and social intelligence. The last way to DHV is to actually have a known status. This can only really be accomplished by people of fame, such as rock stars, actors or sportsmen as society already deems them ‘high value’.