Buying Temperature

The Buying Temperature is an indicator describes how horny a girl is at a special moment. If her buying temperature is low or cold, it’s nearly impossible to kiss her, but a good Seducer knows methods to raise her buying temperature, to make her hot again. Alcohol is one method, but I disrespect guys who make woman drunk to game them more easily. You might think it’s the same like attraction, but there is a difference. Attraction are the emotions and lust she feels towards a specific person, like you. Buying temperature is something she feels in general at this moment and can be transferred to any other men. That’s why you should escalate as soon as you notice she is getting hot and don’t leave the set, cause it will be very easy for another men to continue where you left and take credit of it.

After some experience you can sense very quickly when a woman is hot (has a high BT). She will mostly behave very girly and playful, looks at you with this puppy-face, giggles a lot and shows general Indicators of Interest. Buying Temperature is a very shaky, it’s like a mood, it can raise and fall suddenly, but when it’s up she will be much easier to seduce.