Cocky & Funny

Cocky & Funny is a particular attitude that a man can adopt that can be very effective at creating attraction when used properly towards a woman. The Cocky/Funny attitude can be especially attractive as it displays the characteristics of a typical ‘bad boy’ persona. This persona can be highly attractive to a female as it is often perceived as being more exciting and whirlwind that a steady, safe, ‘nice’ boy type personality.

The Cocky element of this attitude is the demonstration of confidence. Confidence is the number one attractive quality that a man can display towards a female. However, cockiness alone is not attractive. Confidence and cockiness without humility or humour can come across as arrogance. Being cocky means teasing, flirting and bantering with the girl. This is a great way to create a playful, fun vibe as well as spiking attraction.

The Funny side of the coin involves simply demonstrating having a good sense of humour. A guy who can make a girl laugh can better create attraction than someone who can’t, and is the second most attractive quality a man can possess. It shows them to be a fun, easy going person that girls enjoy being around. It brings a good, positive energy to the interaction. As before, this trait used excessively or in isolation can end up being a negative thing. Just being ‘funny’ will quickly create the illusion or idea in the girl’s head that the man is an ‘entertainer’ or ‘clown’. While she may be having fun in his presence, she is not attracted. Eventually this ‘funny man’ routine will become boring and tiresome. A guy simply has to demonstrate a well rounded set of personal characteristics to attract girls, rather than be one dimensional and give off a negative impression (Clown, Entertainer, Comedian etc…).

Cocky & Funny is ultimately so effective because it puts a girl through a range of different emotions very quickly. The cockiness (banter, teasing, playfulness) must be directed towards her – her outfit, a quirky personality trait, what she does, something she says etc… The tease must be playful and delivered with a cheeky smile. It’s important that it is obvious that any cocky comments or behaviours are seen as playful or jokey, and not interpreted as serious expressions or statements (as this could cause offence). Doing these things can qualify her, emotionally spike the interaction, and amp her buying temperature and sexual tension. The humour side of things creates rapport and comfort, as she enjoys the energy and fun that is being brought to the interaction by the man.