Kiss Close

A Kiss Close or KC is when a man successfully kisses a girl he is attempting to seduce. Kiss closing is a fun way of amping state and pushing comfort zones and is most commonly done in a night club setting. It is important to remember than it is the man’s responsibility to go for the KC. Often, girls will not make the first move. For Newbies, KC’ing can be a big deal, as it involved ‘going for it’ and demonstrating confidence.

While Kiss Closing can be fun, it is important not to think of it as the ‘end game’. KC’s often lead to nowhere, and should be looked at as simply a fun thing to do in the club or bar. Over escalation too soon will likely not lead to sex. This applies to clubs and to dates. It is best to keep big escalation moves until later on during the night or dates, when sex is a more likely proposition. Again, this doesn’t mean KC early in the night. Doing so will amp state and increase confidence and fun.

It is possible to go for the KC very quickly – particularly in nightclubs and bars where there is a fun, high energy vibe and alcohol flowing. Kiss Closing on the street is less common – although entirely possible. If done, this will often lead to flakes as it is quite unusual and the girl will probably feel quite slutty.

Here are some Videos of PUA’s doing a Kiss Close: Infield Videos