AMOG Destroyers

You came here to read the best AMOG Destroyer Tactics and Techniques for amoging every other Alpha Male and show the chicks who’s the real man in the house. BUT I will not teach you any of them, because they are big bullshit and will get you in even more trouble, I’ll explain you why.

What are AMOG Destroyers

AMOGs (Alpha Male other Guy) are other men who have good game and are competing or protecting the woman you want to seduce. Amoging him with AMOG Destroyers should show the girls that you are more alpha than him and therefore a better and more attractive man.

AMOG Destroyers are Bullshit

There are so much more important factors why a man is attractive for a woman than the alpha factor. Sure it’s a benefit to be alpha, but if your confident and know how to lead them, your already doing good in that part, there is NO NEED to prove them that you are more alpha than another alpha. That’s just childish and shows that you need to prove them something. Not even that, it’s also very dangerous sometimes, cause if your messing and provocating another guy, this can end up very quickly in a fight and lots of bad energie. Is that really worth it?

AMOG Destroyers are mostly weird

These terms come from the begging of the pickup community and are very theoretical, most of them are very weird and inappropriate. There is a really good thread about it on a famous BodyBuilding Forum: “AMOG destroyers” – Dealing with other alpha males in the group sometimes it’s interesting to read the opinion from people who are not so brainwashed like most PUA junkies.

What to use instead of AMOG Destroyers

Common sense. If someone is friendly to me, I’m friendly to him, there is no need to put other people down, to put yourself up, cause this does only show that you don’t see yourself higher than him already. Be confident, calm and collected, if another guy tries to steal your girl, tell him: Hey this is my girl and it’s inappropriate to hit on her, especially in front of me. You don’t want to be rude right? So please leave us alone and have a good night. Don’t get angry or emotional in any way, be decisive and confident but still friendly. If he does not go away or is still annoying, turn your back to him and ignore him. This will be so much more powerful than any amoging techniques and show the girl that your confident, control the situation and protect her in a socially accepted manner without any negative energy, simple as that.