Hook Point

The ‘Hook Point’ (HP), or as is often described – ‘hooking’, is the point during an interact between a man and a woman at which the female is interested and committed to continuing the interaction. If a girl hooks during an interaction, you are able to take it forward in a number of different ways. This could be in the form of a solid number close, an instant date or simply a prolonging of the conversation. If a girl doesn’t hook during an interaction, they are likely to politely turn down an instant date suggestion, make excuses to leave the conversation or flake later. In other words, it is of utmost importance to reach the Hook Point if you want to see the girl again!

For many guys, recognising when a girl has hooked is something of an enigma. While there are no guarantees or strict laws, here are some of the more progressive signs to look out for when trying to decipher whether or not a girl has hooked:

She crosses her legs: This is most noticeable during daygame. Due to the nature of stopping girls on the street, recognising when a girl has hooked requires astute observations about her body language. On the street, a girl is going somewhere. She has a destination in mind and is heading in a particular direction. Once stopped, check for a few things… Is she fully facing you, or still largely facing the direction she was walking? If she is facing away, she is probably not planning on staying long. However, if she is facing you, that is a good sign. Your shoulders should be parallel with hers. This doesn’t mean she has hooked, but is a progressive sign that you have her attention. However, if she crosses her legs, this is a great indication of having ‘hooked’ the girl. Crossed legs suggests she is completely happy being stood talking to you, as it’s a comfortable stance and shows she isn’t in any hurry to leave.

She starts asking you questions: When initiating an interaction with a girl, the man should expect to do the bulk of the work at the beginning. It is not often that a girl will just open up immediately and be very chatty – it happens, but not often. At the start, you will be the one asking questions, making statements and trying to find an ‘in’ – a topic of conversation or a thread to run with. If she asks you a question, it suggests she is actively trying to continue the conversation herself, is happy being with you, wants to know more about you and is therefore interested – hooked, even.

She invests more in the conversation: As before, it is your job as the man to do most of the talking and work at the beginning of the interaction. A good sign that she has hooked is when she starts to do the majority of the speaking. This is called ‘flipping the script’, whereby she is now gaming you. It is important to keep quiet and listen to what she is saying at this point. Let her invest more and more and try to guide the conversation rather than dominate it.

Hooking the girl is vital to reducing flakes and facilitating some form of escalation. The quickest way to get a girl to hook is through being playful, fun and having a good energy. Flirting, teasing and making creative assumptions about her, where she is from, what she is doing or what she does for a living are great ways to start a conversation without bombarding her with questions in a intense interview style! Once you think she has hooked, stop ‘gaming’! Now it’s about just having a normal conversation and developing comfort and rapport with the girl.

Very good signs that a girl reached her hooking point is when she showed a few IOI`s (Indicators of Interest) or complies with a CT (Compliance Test).