High Self-Esteem

Having high self-esteem refers to someone who has a good or positive view about themselves. Having high self-esteem usually goes hand in hand with having high levels of self confidence. In the pick-up world, having high self-esteem can also be referred to as having ‘strong inner game’. Again, this simply refers to how confident and content the man is with himself.

Somebody with high self-esteem is typically not concerned about their physical looks. There are happy and content with them, safe in the knowledge that their looks are particularly important and that even if they were, there’s not much that can be done about them anyway. Someone with high self-esteem will also be content with other aspects of the life, such as their hobbies, career and social life. They are fully confident talking about these things and are not ashamed or shy about who they are or what they do. As such, they can talk passionately and unfiltered about the things they want to, which is an attractive and engaging quality which will help them with women.

With regards to women, a person with high self-esteem will not be fazed by how attractive a girl might be. He will view himself in such high regard that he doesn’t place the girl on a pedestal. As such, his vibe and frame will be strong and he is unfazed or bothered by rejection. This will give the man an aura of outcome independence, and he will project a vibe of “I am the prize”, which will further be attractive to a female.