Compliance Test

A Compliance Test is something done by a man to gauge the interest levels of a girl. A girl who is interested in a guy will ‘comply’ with his actions and suggestions. A typical example of a Compliance Test is to suggest to the girl that you want to move to the dance floor or another part of the club. If she agrees without hesitation, then things should be on for further escalation.

Here are some useful Compliance Tests that can be applied in a bar or club:

  • Spinning the girl around – This is a simple and useful test. At any point in an interaction, you simply take the girl by the hand, lift it above her head and spin her 360 degrees. Girls love this! If she spins without resistance or hesitation, she is being compliant and therefore interested in you. This can be done as a dance move or as an opener. To escalate, you can spin the girl around and then pull her in for the kiss. This is a fairly classic move that works almost every time provided that the girl is fully compliant.

  • Kino or physicality – A great way to gauge the receptivity of a girl is to make a forward but playful physical gesture. This can often be combined with a slightly cheeky or over the top statement. For example, opening a girl by hugging her and telling her, “I love you!”. It’s over the top and clearly a joke, but if a girl is receptive she will comply and join in, usually by hugging you back and excitedly saying, “I love you too!”.

  • Dance floor stand-off – A great compliance test that can be used on the dance floor is to step away from the girl you are dancing with. Create a little bit of distance between the two of you and see what happens. If, through no encouragement on your part, she immediately comes to you, then she is heavily compliant and wants to be near to you.

It should be stressed that if a girl is not compliant to a test or suggestion on your part, it doesn’t mean she isn’t interested or won’t be compliant at all. Sometimes it can take a little time, or some girls are simply more shy than others. If spinning the girl around didn’t work at first, try again later on. If the girl doesn’t follow you on the dance floor, motion to her to join you or put out your hand to lead her (if she takes your hand, it’s likely she is compliant but just a little shy). If you are finding that girls are rarely ever compliant, it could be a sign that you are going wrong somewhere.

Strong eye, good vocal projection and authority and the confidence to act without hesitation are key components to getting girls to pass compliance tests more regularly. Always remember to make compliance tests fun – don’t put too much pressure on yourself or the girl.

See also: Indicators of Interest (IOI)