Low Self-Esteem

Low Self-Esteem is the exact opposite of high self-esteem, and is where the man will have negative thoughts and feelings about himself. He will generally be uncomfortable and discontent in his own skin for any number of possible reasons.

Someone with low self-esteem will typically be quite concerned with what other people think about them. This will be worsened by probable feelings of resentment about a certain aspect of themselves – often their physical appearance. Someone with low self-esteem will often think of themselves as not being attractive enough physically to attract good looking females and this will dent their confidence quite severely.

A guy with low self-esteem will likely be quite intimidated by girls in general, but especially those that he considers to be very attractive. When he finds himself in a situation or interaction with a girl, he’ll likely display quite nervous or supplicating behaviours towards the girl, and have little confidence when it comes to escalating or closing. They’ll also find it hard to express themselves freely, as they’ll likely feel as though the other person doesn’t really care what they have to say.