Direct Game

Direct Game refers to any situation where a man attempts to attract a female by displaying his intentions from the very beginning of the interaction. Displaying intent can be done in two main ways:

1. The first way is through his verbals. This means they straight-up tell the girl why they are talking to them, and usually involves opening with a compliment.

2. The second way is through his paralinguistic features and body language. Paralinguistics or ‘paralanguage’ are things such as voice tonality, intonation, pitch and volume, which can be combined with certain body language traits like strong, sexual eye contact and a relaxed stance.

Here is a good example of a verbally direct opener:

“Excuse me, I know this is going to sound really random but.. I just saw you and thought you looked really nice so I wanted to say hello”

Don’t put her on a Pedestal

This is a great opener for use during the daytime. It is important that when you go direct using a verbal compliment, you use a low investment compliment such as saying that you thought the girl looked “nice”, “cute” or “pretty”. Going over the top with your compliments and using words like, “fucking gorgeous!” or “stunning!”, puts too much pressure on the girl and can come across as needy, desperate and socially uncalibrated. While it’s entirely possible to use big, high investment compliments and get good results, by using these words you convey a sense of ‘awe’ at the girl, as if she is somehow above and beyond you – Goddess-like, almost – and comes from a place of scarcity rather than abundance. When giving the compliment, make it sincere and honest but deliver it as though a boss or manager would deliver a compliment to an employee. Low investment words like the ones suggested above are best as they reduce the amount of pressure on the girl and come from a place of authority, abundance and honesty.

Demonstrate Social Intelligence

Notice also that in the above example, there is a small build up to the compliment. It’s important to realise that giving compliments and trying to attract girls in a direct way – particularly during the daytime, is not normal in many societies. By saying something like, “Can I say something a bit cheeky?” or “I know this is going to sound really random but…”, you demonstrate good social intelligence by acknowledging that what you are doing is outside of the norm. You also give the girl chance to assess what is happening, whereas by blurting out a compliment as a girl walks past you will probably result in her not even hearing or realising you were talking to her!

Direct Game in a Nightclub

You can still open direct in a nightclub, however it is best to drop the “excuse me” part and go for a more abrasive, authoritative open. Nightclubs are loud, so getting her attention could involve tapping her on the shoulder, waving to her or pointing at her. Opening with a strong, “Hey!” and following up with something like, “you’re cute, who are you?” demonstrates confidence and will separate you from all the other guys in the club. Being direct in the club requires less social calibration than during the daytime, as hitting on girls is the norm.

Non-Verbal Direct Game

The above example can still be direct but without the verbalisation. A good way of opening in a direct manor using just para and body language would be to:

a) Get a girls attention.
b) Hold out your hand at arms length.
c) Maintain strong eye contact and a cheeky smile.
d) Pull her in once she has taken your hand, still maintaining eye contact and ask, “who are you?”

The strong eye contact, smile, pulling her in (physicality) and the sense of ‘choosing’ her (getting her attention and putting your hand out for her to take) demonstrates your intentions without verbalising them. By being direct (verbally or non-verbally), you are relying on male-female polarity in order to create attraction, rather than using humour, gimmicks or scripted lines. Your strong masculine vibe will bring out her femininity (polarity), whereby you can then proceed to have an interaction that she ‘gets’ – she knows full- well what it is about. This saves time and energy that can be wasted by running indirect game as your intentions towards her are upfront from the off, which at the very least will score you points for confidence in her mind.