Master Pick Up Artist

A Master Pick Up Artist is someone who has an highly advanced and developed skill level when it comes to bedding women. A MPUA is different from a regular PUA in that his results demonstrate a greater consistency with a greater number of high quality girls. Typically, a Master PUA can take his pick from pretty much any girl in a given environment and likely seduce her to sex.

Apart from being excellent at cold approach pick-up, an MPUA will often have devised a large social circle. This in itself can create curiosity and attractive in females, as they are drawn to the perceived status of the MPUA.

MPUA’s are often viewed as an example for what other men can achieve, many mPUA’s come from difficult or more humble backgrounds with regards to women. It is not uncommon for an MPUA to run their own website and bootcamps where they teach their knowledge of the game to other men. They will also give seminars and lectures and have a ‘celebrity-like’ status in the seduction community.