Fuck Buddy

A Fuck Buddy (FB) is a girl that a man enjoys frequent but casual sex with no real desire for making the relationship monogamous or exclusive. The benefit here is that the man and women get to indulge in all the fun stuff but without the responsibility of a conventional boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. Often in these situations, both parties are also free to see other people.

One of the major differences between a Fuck Buddy and get a girlfriend is the amount of time and effort spent keeping in contact between ‘dates’. Typically, texting and communicating will be less frequent, and will be more about arranging to meet up than general chit-chat. The man must keep this side of things to a minimum as not to fall into the boyfriend box. The more communication and the more things that the couple do in between bedroom sessions, the more like a relationship things will feel like.

On a similar note to the above, getting a Fuck Buddy should not involve a prolonged game of courtship. Sealing the deal should happen after the second or third date (or as soon as is possible). Anything after this also starts to set a boyfriend-girlfriend frame. It is not always necessary to verbally communicate that things are just “fun” as opposed to a relationship. So long as texting, calling and doing things outside of the bedroom are kept to a minimum, the girl will know what the deal is. Unless she is a bit crazy, she won’t assume that it is a serious relationship. It is important not to mislead the girl in this situation though. If in doubt, it is the responsibility of the man to declare that he isn’t looking for a relationship at the moment and that he’d prefer things to remain casual (at least for now). Most girls will be totally fine with this. Honesty is the best policy as not to end up hurting the girl.