Travel Pick-Up

Travel Pick-Up, or ‘TPU’ is the art of picking up girls whilst travelling abroad. For many guys, picking up women while travelling away from home is much easier than doing so in their home town or city. There are a number of reasons why this is the case:

  1. When you are travelling, often times you will find yourself actively looking to be as social as possible. This is particularly true of solo travellers, as to not do so would mean spending all of your time alone. In this sense, travelling is a great way to force yourself into a social ‘state’.
  2. In a similar vein as before, girls are also looking to meet people and be sociable. This creates a situation of mutual sociableness, which means the responsibility falls equally on both sides when trying to converse and interact.
  3. The environment in which you are staying offers more intriguing and adventurous possibilities than at home. If you meet a girl when travelling, you can do far more interesting and fun things together almost immediately, like snorkelling, elephant riding or even extreme things like skydiving! This deviates greatly from meeting girls at home, as often they are not actively seeking fun and excitement but going about their day. Their day will typically involve functional things, like working or studying. Girls are simply in a more adventurous frame of mind.
  4. The foreign factor. Girls can often be intrigued or attracted to a guy simply because he is from a different country. In Eastern Europe for example, many girls are delighted to meet an Englishman as they are attracted to the language and the stereotype of the ‘gentleman’. Similarly, American girls are notoriously attracted to the English accent, or British girls to the Irish or Australian accents.
  5. Great logistics. There is little by way of having to plan logistics when travelling, as you are both either staying in the same hotel or hostel or both have either a hotel or hostel room to stay at. Hostel dorms can prove a stumbling block but it’s fairly common to stay in a hostel dorm whereby as couple proceed to have sex regardless – so it’s less of a barrier than you might think.
  6. Another big factor is the default intimacy of the environment. If you meet someone who is staying the same hostel or hotel as you, you will likely be spending more time with her in a shorter space of time than in conventional dating etiquette back home. You will also demonstrate that you are a cool, fun guy with good social skills as you will likely be hanging out with others in the hostel as well. Furthermore, you’ll probably be drinking and having fun in different environments, all of which will help to create the illusion that she knows you better and for longer than what she actually does, which will naturally develop deep comfort and trust.
  7. When travelling, you will meet people from different backgrounds and countries. This naturally lends itself to easy conversational topics. As such, you’ll have better, more free-flowing conversations, which will better facilitate flirting, bantering and creating attraction.

Under the surface of the above reasons for TPU being so effective is the very real time constraint. You and the girl both know that it is a short term thing. One or both of you know – without having to explain to one another – that you’ll be moving on, likely in a day or two. This is the nature of travel. Most interactions are short term things. You meet people, they leave, or you leave, you meet new people in a new place – and repeat. As a result, you and the girl both know that the interaction is heading towards sex and that it needs to take place sooner rather than later, as the opportunity will not exist further down the line. This fact helps to remove or abstain responsibility from the girl and overcome any apprehension she may be feeling about proceeding, and forces the guy to escalate quickly knowing that the girl will likely be compliant if attracted.