Social Proof

Social proof is a reference to the value (or perceived value) of a person in a certain environment, based on the interactions with other people in the environment. For example, a guy in a club who has two or three good looking girls surrounding him, would be deemed to have strong social proof when compared to a guy who doesn’t.

Having social proof can make a man seem immediately more attractive to any onlooking females. It suggests that the man is popular, which has set of implications in and of itself self. Someone who is popular is likely to have confidence, good social skills, be fun to hang around with and offer something of value to the group. It suggests that that person is well liked. If a guy is surrounded by girls, it creates pre-selection, in that other girls in the environment can see that the man is clearly attractive, because others girls are already hanging out with him.

The most common forms of social proof are when a person has a certain level of fame. A person of fame will be known to all of the people in a room, and their status as being ‘famous’ gives them their social proof. There a re a few ways in which a man can gain and develop social proof:

  • A great way of developing social proof is to befriend or become familiar with staff at a venue that you often frequent. For example, if you regularly grab a coffee at a certain cafe, then this is a great way to familiarise and interact with the staff. When you take a girl on a date, you can now take her to that same coffee shop, where you can banter and chat with the staff, who will know you – probably by name. This gives the appearance of being very popular and well liked, and is a good, solid form of social proof.
  • Likewise, bantering and becoming familiar with bar and door staff at a club can produce the same effect. In both situations, you may even benefit from a few perks or special offers/promotions from the club staff as you are a well known, well liked, regular customer. Girls will notice this and find you more attractive – or at least be a little more curious about you.
  • Entourage game is classic social proof. This is where you take a group of girls that you have picked up out to a club, all together! If you do daygame, a great way to get massive social proof and have a group of girls fighting for your attention is to invite a few of the girls you have met during the day out (and their friends) at the same time. You will essentially be the leader of your very own party. Clubs also employ people to do this kind of thing, so you could even end up with free drinks and a VIP area in the club. The girls will compete for you as they deem you to be high value and attractive. Regular guys tend not to have a group of several girls, all attracted and wanting their attention, with them in nightclubs.
  • Generally being social and fun with as many people in the immediate environment will also garner strong social proof. People are typically drawn to those who seem to be having the most fun, so having fun and being generally sociable is a win-win situation.

The reason that these things work, and that social proof is so important, is because women are attracted to men in slightly more complicated ways than a man is attracted to a woman. A man will deem a woman to be attractive based primarily on her physical appearance. A woman is attracted to a man based on the man’s confidence, sense of humour, how social he is and how he makes the girl feel. A major part of that is making the girl feel good, and that she is having fun. These are attractive qualities that most people naturally have to some degree. However, they are not always visibly obvious. As such, social proof helps a woman to fast-track a man’s relative attractiveness in her mind. If a man is surrounded by attractive girls, clearly have fun and bringing enjoyment to the people around him and on good terms with many people in the environment including the staff, then she can reasonably assume that this is an attractive man.