Scarcity Mentality

A Scarcity Mentality refers to the mindset and subsequent set of behaviours associated with a person who has limited options in their life, be it with regards to girls, job prospects or general relationships.

With specific regards to women, having a scarcity mentality is one of the biggest turns offs and least attractive qualities a man can display. If a guy has a scarcity mentality with regards to women, this means he typically doesn’t get girls.

As such, when interacting with a female he is attracted to, he is likely to demonstrate unattractive traits and behaviours because he is too invested in the outcome interaction – he is desperate for the girl to like him. This ‘desperateness’ will come across as neediness. Neediness is the single most off-putting behaviour that a person can display to another. Here are some common behavioural traits that can manifest from having a scarce mentality when interacting with a member of the opposite sex:

  • Visible nervousness is a common sign of scarcity. A guy who doesn’t get or have girls in his life will likely see girls as being ‘greater’ or ‘above’ him. He sees them as a kind of trophy that he must get, or a level that he must reach, similar to that of a video game. This kind of guy will probably rush his speech, make awkward or minimal eye contact, be fidgety and not at ease with himself and not project his voice properly.
  • A guy with a scarcity mentality will attempt to hold a girls attention as though his life depends on it. Usually this involves constantly asking questions in a desperate attempt to prolong the interaction.
  • Playing the ‘clown’ or entertainer role in the interaction is a classic sign of neediness. The guy will try to make the girl laugh and entertain her in order to keep her attention and prolong the interaction. He hopes that this will make her like him.
  • Any other method that is deployed to keep the girl’s attention, such as magic tricks buying her drinks, or trying to impress her with lame ‘DHV’ stories etc… is a sign of neediness brought about through having a scarcity mentality.
  • Being very agreeable and apparently amazed by anything she says. This smacks of neediness and desperation as the man is afraid to challenge her, offend her, tease her and is generally scared to express himself incase he loses her attention.
  • A guy with a scarcity mentality will readily place his own well-being and happiness in the external world – in this case, girls. If he gets knocked back in the club by a girl, his mood will be adversely affected and his night possibly ruined.

Put succinctly, a guy with a scarcity mentality will treat and act towards girls in a way that suggests that girls are a limited resource. In reality, there are more women on the planet than any guy could ever even imagine meeting. That said, there are things that should be treated with a scarcity mentality. Time is a finite source for people. Treating time as though it is unlimited will lead to laziness and a feeling of regret at not better utilising it while it was available. In old age, it becomes harder to do the things that were once dreamt about due to health limitations through degradation and the physical changes taking place in the environment.