Same Night Lay

A ‘same night lay’ is similar to that of a Same Day Lay except it is exclusive to meetings girls during the night time, such as in bars, clubs or even in the streets. A Same Night Lay involves taking a girl from a night club or bar and having sex with her that same night. This is much more common than SDL’s as the club environment is more energetic, fun, adventurous and social. People are usually drinking alcohol as well, which lowers peoples’ inhibitions and makes them more prone to trying exciting new things.

The easiest way to ensure a SNL is to meet girls later on during the night. A girl will be less inclined to leave a bar or club with you early in the night as this would be cutting short the fun she is having with her friends and in the high energy, fun environment. The logistics of Same Night Lays are slightly different to that of the daytime. If she is with a group of friends, these could be an obstacle to taking the girl home, or maybe she has to get up early in the morning – not problems associated with daytime pick-up! The first thing to do is find out her situation and plan accordingly. If she has to be up early in the morning, it may be best to go back to hers. In terms of actually getting back to yours or hers, this is often easier than during the daytime as you can simply take a taxi back.

If you have a good connection with a girl and the possibility for escalation and sex is on, it is important not to over escalate things too soon or quickly. Too much kissing for too long can burst the bubble, so to speak, reducing sexual tension and therefore the likely-hood of sex. It is quite common for a guy to pull a girl – maybe on the dance floor – and for it to simply lead to nowhere.

As with a SDL, you must lead the interaction at all times and remove the responsibility from the girl. At some point you need to isolate her, so suggesting you grab some food from the burger stand across the street or go to a different bar are good options, as well as good tests for compliance.