Same Day Lay

A ‘same day lay’ is when a man sleeps with a girl that he has met earlier on the very same day. Most often this happens after a man has met a girl during the daytime, spoken to her for a while and taken her for an instant date, such as a coffee or to a nearby pub or bar. On the instant date, comfort has been established, as well as a fun, flirtatious vibe that can facilitate some form of escalation and/or a venue change.

Same Day Lay’s are not very common, and require meeting a girl that you have good, natural chemistry with, combined with beneficial logistics. It is absolutely vital to have good logistics planned in order to secure an SDL. A girl is a lot less likely to agree to come back to your place if you have to travel to the other side of town on various modes of public transportation! If you are near to your house, flat or hotel room, you can use that as a good excuse to go back – something like, “I just need to quickly get my jacket /charge the phone /feed my dog. Come in for 5 minutes and make yourself a drink”. It has to feel to the girl as thought “it just happened” and is therefore important to remove the responsibility from the girl, much like when overcoming last minute resistance or an anti-slut defense.

In summary, there must be good chemistry between yourself and the girl, you must establish comfort – usually via an instant date, you must have good logistics set to go and you must lead the interaction whilst removing responsibility from the girl.

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