Routines – Canned Material

A Routine is a rehearsed, scripted or memorised set of games, stories or tricks that a man can use to try and attract a girl. There are many reasons as to why a guy might use a routine to try and seduce a girl. Firstly, having something prepared and ready to say before approaching a girl can help a guy to overcome approach anxiety. It is a similar principle at work to that of a public speaker – it is much more difficult for someone to give a talk about a subject that they know nothing about and have not prepared for than it is to give a well-prepared presentation about a specialist subject. So in this sense, it helps to reduce some of the fears associated with approaching good-looking girls. Secondly, a routine might help a guy to create attraction – particularly if there is humour in the routine. Thirdly, routines can be used to help connect with a girl on a deeper level or to build comfort. A popular routine for this phase of a pick-up is The Cube.

Ultimately, routines should only be used by newbies or people who suffer from tremendous social anxiety and awkwardness. For people in the latter category, talking to anyone – not just girls – can be difficult, so having a few lines, scripts or canned material at the ready can help them to get talking to people and act as a guide or stabilisers during an interaction.

Create your own Routines

It is advised that people who want to use routines create their own routines or avoid using them at all. Using standard, well-known routines to create attraction in girls is similar to stealing a comedians’ jokes and getting a reputation as a ‘funny guy’. The reality is that the person telling the jokes isn’t funny at all, he’s simply pretending to be funny by parroting someone else’s material. The best way to create routines or stories is to draw upon personal experiences to create routines that follow a similar script to the original, classic routines, but are customised and personal in content. It is also important for people who wish to use routines to inject their own energy and personality into the material, so as not to sound robotic and scripted. Routines should also be tailored to suit each individual girl.

Combine Different Canned Material

It is also possible to stack multiple different canned material on top of one another in order to achieve different results. For example, one routine might be an opener, such as an opinion opener. The next routine might be something humorous and cheeky, such as The Best Friends Test. After that, another opinion routine could be used followed up by the The Cube to build comfort. A PUA may then run the ‘Beauty is Common’ routine in order to get the girl to qualify herself. Routines can be used to open, close, build comfort, create attraction, develop rapport, kino escalate, qualify and challenge girls.