Propinquity Effect

It is one of those things you experience but you never seem to find the right word for it. It’s derived from the word propinquity which means mental or physical proximity among people. Ordinarily, people who live near each other such as neighbors on the same building floor or people with similar ideologies, have higher propinquity than people who live on different floors or have different ideologies respectively.

Propinquity Effect With Woman

Propinquity is one of the prime factors that contribute to interpersonal attraction. It refers to the tendency for individuals to develop platonic or romantic relationships with people that they encounter often, hence, developing a strong interpersonal bond. It differs among individuals depending on where people have the most frequent encounters with others. You will develop occupational propinquity and residential propinquity with people who work in the same field or office and live in the same neighborhood as you respectively. It is important to note that this effect cannot thrive where people are not in constant contact and communication. This means that even people who regularly communicate and interact through virtual spaces experience high rate of propinquity.

Majority of people fear the dating scene because of the high level of uncertainty it possess. When strangers approach you in a bar or stop you on the streets to try and get your number in a bid to woo you to date them, they not only look phony but also, you are likely to turn them down. As a result, most people remain single because they cannot gather enough self- confidence to approach a stranger (no matter how cute they look) and risk rejection. This is where propinquity effect comes in. It gradually cultivates interpersonal attraction between you and those you wish to be intimate with such as colleagues, friends and next door neighbors. When two colleagues work in the same line of work and engage each other frequently, they are more likely to develop a bond of trust, sense of comfort and closeness, which is a fertile ground to plant the seed of love and affection that will help their relationship thrive into something long lasting, solid and healthy.

When propinquity effect is in action, affection and attraction is maintained through frequent encounters between the two people from sharing similar hobbies and interests to going to the same places and sharing a corridor, elevator or an office desk. It is the things that keep you in close contact with each other that will fan the affection between you in the long term and help develop a strong bond that can lead to a long lasting friendship or romance.