The Apocalypse Opener (Original Edition)

This is the old, original version of the Apocalypse Opener invented by Dr. Jekyll a few years ago. Don’t confuse it with the new Apocalypse Opener, which was written as a Pick Up Line for Tinder from the RSD Guys. The only thing that both have in common is that they are very direct and time effective. You are telling the girl right away what your intentions are (getting laid). She can either accept or decline your hookup invitation.

It takes balls to use this Opener, but in order to make it work, you have to be very confident and serious about it. You will probably need some practice because it’s hard to believe that it really works. However, if you don’t believe that it works, she will neither. Before I give you more tips about the delivery, here is the Apocalypse Opener:

“Hey, how’s it going.”

She will answer something like “Good”, then you follow with:

“Cool. What are you doing later?”

She: “I don’t know” or “Sleeping” … whatever doesn’t matter, then you:

“Would you like to come home with me?”

Nothing more, nothing less. She won’t expect that kind of direct question, so she will need a few seconds to answer. You say nothing until she does, keep your eye contact and wait as if you asked her a totally normal question. You will feel the tension, which will lead you into following into adding something like “we can do xyz…” but don’t say it! It would destroy the power of this opener.

Not many guys are confident enough to say something like that. On the one hand, it’s kind of rude, because indirect you are asking her to have sex with you without even having a little small talk. But she can’t act offended, because you said nothing wrong just a normal question. That’s why you have to be friendly and relaxed. A good body-language is key, she will subconsciously assume that this is something normal for you. A guy that takes girls home like this (Preselection) has to be high value.

Here is a video of a similar opener which is very direct:

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