Girls Bump

If you are in a crowded club and a girl bumps into you, say with a smile “excuse you! do you think only because your damn sexy and incredible beautiful, you are allowed to bump into every man that your attracted to? She will laugh now and as soon as she tries to answer something, gently hold your finger in front of her lips „pssss.. you don’t need to answer, you are that kind of girl who got everything her whole life without doing much besides looking beautiful, but to get me it takes more than that – what is your greatest characteristic?

Explanation: This Opener is a bit risky, but if you do it the right way, it can be very powerful. Don’t forget to smile, so it doesn’t sound so hard. It uses strong Push / Pull, cause first your complimenting her (positive), but than you accuse her of something (negative) so that she will hopefully try to qualify herself that she is not that kind of girl and tries to show her great characteristics.

Girl Bumps Opener by ZEUS

Category: Risky Openers

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