Walking in the store I waited for her to say it……

Her: “Hello”

Seraf: Wow…..seriously? That was ALMOST the best greeting I’ve had all day!

Her: *Suddenly bursts out in a laughter of flattery.*

Seraf: That was such an amazing greeting I’m almost inclined to do it again….

Her: Gives another flattering laugh, this time more genuine.

Seraf: …..You know what? I will do it again.

Her: Laughs even more.

I go outside and stop in the middle of the walk way and look around as if I’m biding my time. I deliberate stay in view of her so she could see me. I could hear her laughing even more. Most importantly, I can tell her day was being made. This was the most interesting thing happening to her all day.

I walk back in. I repeated my first entrance into the store.Confident… dominant alpha body language…. Looking at everything in the store. Owning the place before taking 8 steps in…… I waited for her to say it……

Her: “Hello”

Seraf: Wow! What an amazing greeting!

Her: Laughs even more.

Greeting Opener by Vince Kelvin and Seraf.

Category: Direct Openers

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