Hey, what’s your favorite dinosaur? (High energy, playful attitude, smile.) Her: “T-Rex” C’mon, that’s lame. You only said that because you remember that name. that’s what everyone says when they can’t think of a good dinosaur name. It’s so common, and to think, I thought you were unique and different from the other girls. I want a good one, and a reason why it’s your favorite dinosaur.

Back Story: My favorite dinosaur would have to be the triceratops (pick one). When I was little I used to get gummy snacks packed in my lunch box and the triceratops were the oranges ones. And well, orange is my favorite color. Eventually though, I graduated 2to Ninja Turtle gummy snacks with Michelangelo being the new favorite. But yeah, don’t worry about me being some immature guy obsessed with dinosaurs. Because I mean,come on, Ninja Turtles are way sweeter. (You can change the color to purple and say Donatello. Hell, You don’t even have to use Ninja Turtles, use Scooby Doo, or PowerRangers, have fun with it.)

– Dinosaurs Opener by JayTea and Hawt

Category: Indirect Openers

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