Conversation Starter

Depending on how high-status she sees herself and the rest of the environment, you may need to use this sort of bait.

I had a girl walk up to me one night at a club, looking for an exit (it is a labyrinthine place). Her eyes started to wander as I was talking (loudly) so I had to bait her with the following…

Her: Hey, where’s the front door in here, I’m lost…

Me: It’s right up in that direction, towards the (now her eyes are wandering behind me in the opposite direction I’m pointing)… hey look, just because you’re beautiful doesn’t mean you can get away with a shitty pickup line.

Her: But I wasn’t trying to…

Me: (interrupting her) Oh my God you don’t have me fooled for a second. Here, I’m going to give you a good line to use then we’ll find a less assuming guy for you to practice and get good with before coming back to me.

– Conversation Starter Opener by Christian Hudson

Category: Situational Openers

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