No Job, Three Girlfriends

You: Hey guys I’m trying to figure out something here and maybe you can help. See, I have this friend and he has no job and no apartment. However, he has three girlfriends and he takes turn staying at each of their houses, and they cook for him and look after him and they don’t ask anything from him. What do you think about that?

Them: “Blah, that’s terrible blah.” So would you date someone like that?

Them: “Blah, what a jerk blah, no way.”

You: So what I can’t figure out is this… if it’s so terrible, how is he able to do this? Maybe you ladies know because I’m stumped!

Them: “Blah.” (This part gets interesting because they may actually start to ask you stuff about the three women and the guy, and play little miss detective. Now, you can describe any of the women and the guy any way you want. Say one of them is a 40 year old lonely woman, and another is an 23 year old party chick alcoholic. It doesn’t matter. You can neg the women for being Nancy Drew if you like.) Well I think you might be right, but you know, now that you mention it, I think it’s because he isn’t really able to look after himself well, so women feel sorry for him and look after him.

– No Job Three Girlfriends Opener by Neo-Rio

Category: Opinion Openers

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