I need a female opinion. My buddy (put hand on wingman’s shoulder) wants go get a bike (motorcycle). Could he get more chicks with a crotch rocket or Harley?

BANG! Each girl has her opinion and at least one will answer directly to the wingman, while the others start asking what you ride. They all want rides and you can always get a number close.

I know what you’re thinking. “But I don’t have a bike!” It’s not a problem. When she asks, “what do you ride?” (And she will) just pull back with a humble, “Oh I’m just learning. I can’t take you out yet.” Then switch to, “So girls jump on the back of strangers’ bikes all the time, but getting in a less lethal CAR with a stranger is’dangerous’. What’s up with that?”

– Motorcycle Opener by Lucky13

Category: Opinion Openers

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