Hey guys, I need a female opinion. Do you believe in karma? If you don’t know, Karma is a belief that whatever you do comes back to you: If you do something good, somethinggood will happen to you, and vice versa.

OK, I’m actually with my friends here, but I can stay some time… some things happened to one of my friends, and so I’m starting to believe that there really is something similar to karma. Listen to what happened to him.

So one of my friends was throwing a party. And of course there was alcohol involved. So this other friend, who was a little bit pissed, arrived in the middle of the party. So in the end of the evening they both got into a fight, and are sworn enemies now.

And some weeks back there’s another party happening. So one of my friends is invited to the party and so is the other friend’s sister. So you can predict what happens and they hook up and are in love. And now I don’t understand. Either that is karma, or do girls just like jerks?

– Karma Opener by Slimijs

Category: Direct Openers

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