10 Gym Openers

With a playful smile say – “You know, you kind of look like that lady from Ms Fitness- I can’t remember her name – hey maybe you are her – wow this soooo cool… a real celebrity.

Position yourself as an expert on a weight machine next to hers. Start grunting like it’sincredibly tough- with a smile. “Boy- I’m a little out of shape! What about you – workout often?”

Hey I need a female opinion – do you think guys look better in tight gym clothes thatshow off her bodies – or casual, loose clothes?

“Excuse me, but I was curious – how to you keep in such a great shape? What’s your secret?” They’ll be happy to talk about themselves.

“Excuse me… I feel kind of foolish asking you this – but can you show me how this machine works?” Then strike up a conversation about the exercise form.


More Gym Openers by ZEUS:

I’m trying out things to improve my training success, what kind of music do you listen to while working out?

Have you ever tried listening to classic music? I heard it helps you to be more concentrated.

Have you ever tried those Boosters/Protein Shakes? They say it gives you so much energy.

How long have you been working out? (whatever she says) Oh so you have to be a real expert, what are your best tips?


Gym Openers by Mystery:

“What you think about when you’re working out?”

“I’ve been watching you and you seem to really be thinking about things.”

Do NOT ask for the #. Find out what her workout routine is and see if you’d like to share your workout time together. Then you can say, …

“I’ve been thinking about something in particular lately whenever I workout. Most people I bet just think about how they are going to have this great body and all, others think about how they are going to make their next million. What do YOU think about?”

Then talk about how You’ve been thinking about the way the brain works. How life is a lot like working out.


Gym Openers by Roosh V:

What you have to do is go to the machine she is working out on and ask if you can working. Do it early in her set so she doesn’t say, “I just have one left.” After you do a set, say something. I would go with a light sarcastic joke, like, “I can usually do ten times as much, but I’m taking it easy today.” Say this with a smirk or smile.
If she smiles or laughs, that’s your green light to continue the conversation. Since you’re at the gym, I would ask her questions. How about, “I think I saw you doing cardio. I’m wondering if I should do cardio first or weight lift first.” If it’s going well, hit her with another joke. Before you part ways, exchange names. A simple “By the way, what’s your name?” will work. Once you’ve had that first conversation and can talk to her again like you know her, it’s just a matter of finding out what she’s doing after a workout to get a smoothie, where at the end you exchange numbers and take her out on a real date with alcohol.

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