Frisbee Opener (Mystery)

Get a really cool Frisbee. Carry it with you in your bag. Convey to women that you are‘active’. That is an attractive quality. If you are in a park or at the beach you can pull outthe Frisbee and yell to a girl (with a playful smile), “Here, catch. Lets play Frisbee.” Thisis a good opener when you come across two or more girls too. If a girl is alone readingyou can throw the Frisbee right by her and say, “umm … could you get that for me?”Then do it again: “umm … could you get that one more time?” Then do it AGAIN andsay, “you know what? If you were to put that book down it sure would make our littlegame of Frisbee more fun.” You will be surprised at how a Frisbee can be a great propfor initiating chat with a woman in outdoor situations. Imagine a girl is walking along thestreet and you want to meet her. You pull out the Frisbee and get her attention. “Here,catch.” Do that a couple of times and then say as you are throwing, “You know, I’vebeen such a city-boy lately that just playing Frisbee has been such an incredible escape.Come. We have to be further apart. Catch.” Then immediately go into a routine (such asthe bear routine: talking about the bear you came across while hiking – “see how farapart we are? That’s how far I was from the bear. Can you imagine? And do you knowwhat I did? I took this Frisbee and knocked him out with it. (Facetiously) No really,beaned him right in the head and out cold he went. Oh yeah. Here. Im the bear. Comeon. Bean me. Right here. Try come on, I’m the big scary bear, grrrrrr.”)

Category: Indirect Openers

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