Female Roommates

I’ve been offered this sweet place in.. I want to live there, but.. I have to live with four girls. Like four!

I’m going to get 4 times the boyfriend complaints, I’ll never get in the fucking bathroom… I’m gonna have to start showering at the truck stop, and you KNOW they’re gonna synchronize. (Smile knowingly) Heck, I’ll probably start my period. I’m going to have to leave the house for 5 days a month!

Did you know that’s why primitive civilizations developed camping? All the women in the tribe would synchronize and the guys would look up at the moon and be like “The antelopes are moving now, we have to hunt!”

Also… living with all those girls, I could get RAPED. Did you know that 95% of guys that get date raped commit suicide in 6 months? Girls are such sexual predators…

– by Tenmagnet and Tyler Durden

Category: Opinion Openers

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