Embarrassing Dare

Hey, y’all are women. You’ll probably have some great answers to this question I have. Well first of all, have you ever known anyone who lost a bet and had to do a dare?

Okay. Well I have this bet going with a friend of mine (use whatever bet suits you), and the winner gets to choose an embarrassing dare that the the loser has to do.

I’ve gotten some interesting ideas from a few people and I came up with a couple of my own. For example, (list 2 or 3 dares). I noticed that the best dares come from intelligent women ’cause y’all are more in touch with your emotional side. What do you guys think are some really funny ones? Come up with a list of dares you can describe to them through out the conversation. You can even throw one out all of a sudden later on if you run out of other things to talk about. If the target comes up with a really embarrassing dare, you can neg her by telling her friends “Whoa! She’s vicious. Y’all better be careful around her.

“You can turn this whole thing into a game of truth or dare with them. If you’re at a bar, include some alcohol into the game if you want. This will also lead you into other games you can play to escalate the comfort and kino. You can also switch threads to tell them DHV stories about some things you and your friends have done before, either related to bets or just regular DHV stories you like to use.

– Embarrassing Dare Opener by DeVill

Category: Indirect Openers

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