Does Size Matters?

Hey girls, lets me ask you something.. does size really matters?

Girls: yes/no

You: Interesting, because friend of mine has this huge, huge (pause) car, and he gets none, while my other friend has this tiny, tiniest ( pause) Vespa and he gets all of the girls… what’s up with that?

This opener will always get them think about.. hmmm… but that’s why you move tosomething else. I found it very effective after 3 minutes, to transition to direct.

You: Actually, I didn’t come here to talk about my stupid friend, I came because you are so damn sexy, and I am going to get to know you… so tell me something about yourself. When you open with something like this, and conversation either stays too long in that topic, OR each time you try to change topic, they go back on opener, use this above transition. Its very Powerful frame destroyer. Wide & deep Rapport from here (so what kind of music you listen)?

Does Size Matter Opener by Badboy.

Category: Opinion Openers

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