4 Bookstore Openers

If you are in a bookstore or library and see a beautiful woman, you can use these openers to approach her perfectly:

1. Ask her “Have you ever read a Harry Potter book?” Whatever she answers playfully express concern, “I don’t know… if I read it I think it would convert me to with craft or wicca”

2. Read a book nonchalantly next to the girl. Shake your head and say, “I just can’t find what I’m looking for. How is that book of yours – is it any good?”

3. Excuse me, do you know any good books on relationships? My friend wants to spice up her sex life, what you would recommend?

4. Pull out a random book from the shelf and open it: “Wow… cool… this book is so awesome… this is bad… this the shit… Is what you’re reading as good as this?

Bookstore Openers by Bobby Rio

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