Best Friend just died

Hey girls, let me ask you something, my best friend just dies, and his girlfriend started hitting on me.. how long should I wait before I start dating her?

This one is so much fun. Usually they say ‘wait 6 months’

You: Really? Because she started hitting on me after funeral, and guess what happened yesterday, I received FedEx package with her panties… and they were still wet. I mean, that’s to much for me. Don’t get me wrong, I would do her, but I just cannot imagine my best friend Mike looking me from above saying… ‘and that was my best friend’

…Change topic after few minutes, and get to know them.. If they are coming back on opener, transition to direct.

Actually, I didn’t came here to talk about my dead friend, I came because you are so damn sexy, and I am going to get to know you… so tell me something about yourself.

Best Friend just died Opener by Badboy.

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