Victoria Secrets, pick up a pair of boyshorts and a thong. Immediately approach.

PUA: Hey I need a female perspective here. I’m helping my friend shop for his girlfriend for their anniversary, and he’s completely helpless. Which would you rather receive, the boyshorts or the thong. (Holding up each as they are recited.)

Girls: Blah blah. (Doesn’t matter which they say.)

PUA: (Whichever one the non-targets say, you agree with them.) See (WINGMAN), that’s what I said. (Confident body language is required here. I mean you are holding very sexual objects, you have to come off as completely comfortable with it.) OK now we just need to figure out what size to get. (Look the target up and down like you are judging her.) Ok she’s a bit smaller than you. What size do you where?

– Undies Opener by XMander

Category: Opinion Openers

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