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This opener is outdated, but adaptable to current TV shows.

You: Hey guys. (Pause here for a quick sec? try not to be in a rush) do you guys watch Friends?

(Every chick North America watches this fucking show)HBs: Yeah.

You: Ok, well you know it’s their final season right? (Keep talking here? you don’t needtheir answer) well did you know Joey is gonna have his own show after this season of Friends?

HBs: Yeah/No/Really, etc.

You: Yeah. He’s gonna have his own show. He’s gonna be the main guy. Do you guysthink it will do well?

HBs: Yeah/No/Why are you asking this? (Yes, I had a couple say the last one? and to me? who cares if they say this? it weeds out those who I don’t want to talk with that muchquicker).

You: It’s gonna have the same time slot that Friends has now. (Say how you think theshow will do here. I usually say: I like Joey, but I don’t think the show will work? blahblah blah)?

HBs: (Most of them agree).

You: I think it’s like with Seinfeld? remember how George Castanza had a show and itbombed?? blah blah blah. Several times we got in to talking about how Kramer, Elaine and George all had shows after Seinfeld and how they all tanked. They’d bring this up or I would. Another idea is to say the show will work.

– Tv Show Opener by 26

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