Syrup (2013)

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The main character of the movie, based on Max Barry’s novel, is Scat, a marketing student who has a brilliant idea for an energy-drink. But in order to turn this idea into reality he needs someone with experience and relations in the industry, just like Six. That’s the name of young woman who is working in one of the biggest advertising companies and not only knows how to make a product irresistible but also herself. She is played by the gorgeous Amber Heard, who fits perfectly in this role, her seductive expression, the way she talks and moves is incredible sexy and addictive.

Scat is a really cool guy and it’s very easy to identify with him, but you can’t learn much from him besides integrity, persistence and he does everything to get what he wants (fire-alarm). Just like in Whipped (2000) we have a female role model, because Six is the one who is truly inspirational for us. A very important quality of a good marketer is to market yourself just like a product. It’s scary how many similarities exist between marketing and seduction, the best advertisements make the consumer fall in love with a certain product. That means advertising companies use techniques from the seduction community and vice versa.

What’s so seductive about Six?

Most of her techniques can also be used by men so I created an own post about the qualities that make her so desirable, it’s in the DreamGirls Section. She makes it easy to analyse her behavior, by talking to the viewer, a filming technique to create a new dimension (Sasha Grey was the first pornstar who did this). She tells us about the four types of woman and how to mix their behavior so that the modern woman combines all the seductive pattern.

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