How I Met Your Mother

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An american sitcom about the social and romantic lives of a group of five individuals. The series is based on a guy (Ted) who recalls to his children, the series of events which led to his meeting their mother. It is basically a humorous show about the social and romantic lives of these friends who spend a deal of time with each other.

Barney Stinson

Credited for most of the show’s success, Barney Stinson is indefinitely one of the most important characters on the show. Barney is a serial playboy and a powerful seducer of women. He uses his wealth and his razor sharp mind to get women into his bed in a matter of seconds. Women find it merely impossible to resist the charms of this guy. He isn’t just your regular charming guy who approaches a woman and spontaneously talks to her. Barney follows his rule book and a set of carefully planned strategies when it comes to picking up women. He mostly prefers hitting on women in distress and need. Starting by helping them with his opinion, he manages to end up with them in his bed. Barney is portrayed as an ultimate opportunist when dealing with women. He grasps at the first sign of opportunity and manages to mold it into his favor. ‘Playbook’ is his book of schemes which he applies for picking up women.

Barney-StinsonVery few other guys, in the history of television, have been able to stand up as a pick up role model like Barney Stinson. The well planned techniques and strategies applied by him to pick women up, are a constant delight to watch. No guy does it any better than the way Barney does. Not only does he smartly manages to get the ladies in his bed, he also has pre-planned ways to dump them afterwards. Barney portrays himself as a proud and stubborn guy who has a very little room of error in his life. He stands by his word no matter what happens. He is highly competitive too, he takes on ,sometimes, strange challenges to show his worth.

His manipulative and opportunist behavior can sometimes be taken as a negative aspect of his personality. He is often seen lying and exaggerating himself in front of women just to boost his image in their eyes. Barney is also seen as a dating coach, helping other guys to pick up women successfully.

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