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Friends on IMDb

Friends is an American sitcom which was one of the most popular shows of its time. It is a TV show about six friends who live in Manhattan on their own. With a never ending love, support and care for each other, they are able to face all sorts of problems in their lives. The ability to quickly bounce back from all sorts of conflicts between each other and the strong bond of friendship is the thing that keeps them together.

What Can You Learn

This show gives us the lesson of being loyal and true towards our friends, no matter what the situation is. The power of friendship is the strongest of all. All the joys and sorrows of life are meaning less if you do not have your true friends to share them with.

Joey – The Womanizer

Joey - The WomanizerHe is the character to watch out for in this hilarious sitcom. Joey is basically portrayed as a struggling actor in this show who is extremely good with the ladies. He is a simple-minded lady killer who can easily get a lady from her shoes to his bed in no time. All thanks to his irresistible charm and a lucrative body. His unintelligent nature can be overlooked by his kind heart and a loving nature. Joey is an innocent character who finds peace and happiness in simple things such as food and his friends. Despite his highly effective techniques to lure women towards himself, Joey is unable to get into a committed relationship.

What’s attractive about Joey

Joey is the kind of the guy who believes in not taking his life too seriously. His life revolves around his friends and the very basic things like food and women. Joey is pretty good when it comes to impressing a woman. He has got all the desired traits which a woman want in a man. He’s a good looking, charming, humorous, well built and a loving guy. His catch phrase “How you doin?” always hits the mark, no matter what. The womanizing skills of Joey are worth learning.

Despite his irresistible charm and good looks, Joey lacks the most common sense of reasoning a guy has. He’s a quite dim-witted and unintelligent person. He finds trouble doing basic maths, even with the help of a calculator. The positive aspect of his personality is that he portrays himself exactly as how he is, he does not pretend to be a someone, like most of the people. He is very protective and loyal to his friends in every phase of life.

Joey Moments

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