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Californication on IMDb

The main character Hank Moody is a talented writer of the book “God hates us all”. His sex drive combined with his gift of gab, get’s him in a lot of pants. This is maybe one of the reasons that his private life is a mess. Every attempt to have a stable relationship with Karen, the mother of his daughter Becca, fail. He still lives the live of a boy who just wants to have fun.

Hank Moody – a PUA?

If you have a general understanding of PUA (Pickup) and watch this series, you will for sure notice a lot of behaviors that the seduction community calls attractive male qualities. It starts with his lifestyle, he just does what he wants, even his job is exactly what he loves. He doesn’t really care a lot about money, because he knows that happiness comes from your mindset and you can’t buy it. Hank Moody is not working hard, he is not rich at all, but he has the luck of having enough money to live the live he wants. There is no one telling him what or when to do. Sure there are also downsides like that he drinks to much, without any purpose or often runs away from responsibilities. Fortunately with his smart and witty character he always charms his way out of trouble. Hank Moody doesn’t take life and himself very seriously, no matter what happens, he stays optimistic.

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