10 Ways – How to get over someone you love

Recovering from a breakup or simply trying to forget an unrequited love can be a very daunting task. You may find yourself incapable of moving forward and convinced that forgetting that someone is totally impossible. This person is everywhere and moving on isn’t just an option as of the moment. Technically, this is pretty much normal for everyone who loved someone and is now trying to forget that someone. However, this is not how things have to be and should be. There is more to life than this pit of depression that you’re letting yourself getting sunk into. By simply doing some modifications in your environment, taking hold of a new perspective, and getting busy with the pleasures of life, you can easily make the pain and that someone as things of your past. Below are some of the ways that are found to be helpful in forgetting someone who was once always in your mind.

1. Let It All Out.

If you just recently came from a break-up and the pain is still very fresh, it might be very helpful to cry. Admit and face the fact that it’s hurting you so much. Feel the pain and sore your eyes out. Just let go of all the emotions that haunt you inside. Speak your mind and shout your lungs out. This will make you feel a little lighter and leave the misery behind. Keep in mind that denial should never be an option for you right now. Ignoring your feelings will only make things worse and increases the risk of you going hysterical at some point. In addition, you might find yourself relieved by going to the gym and channeling all of your grief to working out and other physical activities.

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2. Burn All Bridges Down.

Forgetting someone requires a lot of determination and willpower. It’s a decision that you should be ready to stand up for. And one of the decisions that you may find difficult to make right now is to cut all the ties between you and her. However, you must realize that you can never forget someone that you always see and come in contact with. No calls, no e-mails, no texting, and certainly no stalking in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Try to delete him in your contact list so that you could avoid the impulse of sending her a message. Just keep in mind that forgetting someone requires enough distance and space in between the two of you so that you could allow yourself to direct your mind to other things.

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3. Let Karma Do The Thing.

Initially, a part of you might feel intense anger. That’s fine and acceptable. But, you should drop this unhelpful emotion and try not to make it as your defense mechanism. Any emotion that you have for someone could anchor you to that someone. This would only make moving-on more difficult. To add, being angry at someone would only make you have the desire for revenge. And you can never move on if you’re obsessed with vengeance. Learn how to let go and let karma give her the appropriate payback for whatever unpleasant things that she did to you.

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4. Keep Your Mind Distracted.

Apparently, you control your thoughts and no one else does. This means that thinking about her is always a choice. However, if you are the type of person who has nothing to do but stare outside and reminisce, then you definitely need some help. Try to do things that would keep you busy. Have yourself engrossed with school, work or a project that would keep your attention focused. Go and hang out with your friends often. A fun filled nature trip or outdoor escapades might be very helpful to divert your attention. Play your favorite online game or your favorite sport. When you have these things to keep your mind pre-occupied, the she will just definitely fade into the background.

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5. Never Succumb To Your Emotions.

Yes. Admit that you are hurt and feel the pain. However, you also need to remember that moving on is a choice. There will always come a time that you have to pick yourself up and remind yourself that it’s time to stop being miserable. At this moment, you may find yourself very vulnerable to outer stimuli that could trigger the emotion and make you feel sad again. Hence, delete all those cheesy romantic movies that you have, dump those emo-themed songs in your playlist and trash every single thing in your apartment that could remind you of her. Limit your downloads to upbeat music and feel-good TV shows or movies that would lighten up your mood from day to day.

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6. Meet New People.

Meeting new people might be very hard for you at this very moment but this could be a very helpful way of forgetting her. Creating new moments to treasure could help your replace the old ones –the ones she is in. To add, meeting new people would help you realize that there are other people out there who appreciate and value you. Who knows? You might meet someone who could make getting over much easier.

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7. Pursue Your Passions.

Think of all the things that you have always wanted to do. Then, consider doing these things in substitute to the time you would have spent with her or spent thinking about her. Pursue a hobby that you have always wanted to try, join clubs and organizations or do yoga. Whatever that thing may be, it must be so interesting and engrossing that your attention is fully focused to that.

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8. Take Your Time.

Allow yourself to heal gradually. As what the famous saying goes, time heals. Don’t rush things especially in having a new love. Wait until you’re ready. Pushing yourself too hard would only end up in rebounds and one night stands that would only make you feel worse and more complicated.

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9. Love Yourself.

Valuing or loving yourself is the best thing to do in this situation. Increasing your self-worth can bring you a higher form of inner peace that can give you ample motivation to move on. Give in to your guilty pleasures and give yourself rewards every now and then. Remember that you are worthy of being loved regardless of what other people or someone may think or say.

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10. Forgive and Forget.

To end, forgiving is the only key to forgetting someone. They’re just human, things happen, mistakes are made. But despite this, life goes on. Though you don’t have to really come up to her and say I forgive you. In addition, don’t forget to forgive yourself too. A number of people hold grudges against themselves more easily than they hold grudges against others. Just remember that at the time, both of you made a decision and that you only did what you thought was right. No one is necessarily to blame or is at fault. We just have to hang on to the fact that past is in the past, and we shouldn’t allow it to haunt our present and complicate our future. After all, everybody has bad times. But that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice the good ones.

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