The 6 Pillars of Self-Development

No matter who you are, there is always room for improvement. After all, no one is perfect (except maybe Natalie Portman). For most people, identifying the aspects of their life that they need or want to change can be quite difficult, as it requires honesty and often painful soul-searching. Even then, actually taking the necessary … Read more

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The Perception of Difficulty

I managed to squeeze my lunch into the 10 minutes I had before boarding my train. Not an especially unique story, but people were looking at me as though it was offensive to eat 250g of salmon, 250g of cherry tomatoes, and a whole avocado in a train station. They probably would have been even … Read more

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How to combine a Sexual Frame and being a Challenge

In one of his (excellent) speeches at the under21 convention, James Marshall provides a short and entertaining story about how a student of his asked for advice on hiding his erection whilst dancing with a girl he was gaming. Marshall says that he told the man to press up against her. The student was apparently … Read more

Pre Analyzing vs Post Analyzing Pick Up

Going out last night, really got me thinking, that you technically don’t necessary need a dating coach if you want to improve your pick up skills. I will show you how to be your own coach on this never-ending improving yourself path. Last night I went out with the intention to think from a coach … Read more

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Pick Up Rules

Confidence and persistence are the two key characteristics when it comes to making things work with a woman. Some men have these characteristics naturally while for others to stay on track, some guidelines have to be followed. Its not important how good looking, how smart or how rich you are, the important thing is what … Read more

10 Attractive Traits in a Man for Wynona

Every guy wishes to know the secrets of how to attract women. For helping men of progressing to higher levels and winning the attraction of women that they aim for, I am listing here top TEN things that I personally get attracted to in men’s personality. 1. Smiling and cool nature Smiling definitely adds to … Read more

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10 Attractive Male Qualities for Sarah

1. Physical Appearance It refers to the looks of individuals. Though genes is a major contributing factor to the physical appearance of individual, and one has no control over his heredity but ones lifestyle and personal adornment can enhance ones external beauty which is manifested by physical appearances. The very first thing that attracts me … Read more

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What Anna finds attractive in a Man

Well-established career I am attracted by men who are rich and have well-established career. As everyone needs to have a lot of luxuries in his/her life, money is really important for attaining these luxuries. A man with well-established career can assure a happy life and can secure a woman regarding future. I would not like … Read more

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