How To Pick Up Women – Techniques

Always Be Mentally Ready For A Pick Up

The first and the foremost rule in the art of picking up women is to be always mentally ready, as you never know when an opportunity might come across. There are attractive women all around us – at the supermarket, in the subway station, in the line at the bank or in the streets. The possibilities are endless, you just have to seize the right opportunity at the right time. You can get more than half of your pickups from such random places while being able to choose your best target. A thing to remember here is that, unlike in bars, women don’t expect to be hit on as they go about in their daily lives, and therefore, they are much more flattered when it happens.


Avoid Using Cheesy Pick Up Lines

Pick up lines seem very bad when it comes to women. It makes them groan. The right way to approach a woman is to be smooth and spontaneous in your talking, like commenting on something she’s wearing or doing. Asking for her opinion on something is a great way to start a conversation with her. While talking to her, anticipate her  possible reactions and decide how you will follow up to that in the right direction. With practice you will get more faster and spontaneous with this. Gather up some good how and why questions before you get into a conversation with her as most people consider the best conversationalists the best listeners.

And if you cant help using pick up lines then use a few of the following effective pickup lines to get things going:

“Don’t you find this place…?”

“Excuse me! Can you help me with…”


Don’t Over Compliment Her

This is by far one of the most important points in picking up a woman. While picking up a woman you might use a compliment in your initial contact, but that should be it for the while. Giving her repeated compliments will send a bad message, she will perceive that you are throwing yourself at her. Use a few negative hits to balance things out. A negative hit is not the same thing as an insult. It ends on a bit positive note a leaves an impression of humor behind and leaves the impression that you are not a pushover. After gaining her interest this way, use a showstopper compliment to show what you think about her. Don’t over compliment if you want to avoid killing your chances on hitting a pretty lady.


Don’t Fear Being Turned Down

This is the point which adds to 90% of your nervousness when it comes to picking a beautiful woman up. The fear of being rejected is the biggest of all. But the question here is what do you have to lose by being turned down? A little pride, which vanishes away as soon as you see another pretty lady walking by. You will become a total sucker if you go into the fear of rejection, and by the way that would be what you will truly deserve because of it. The main goal of yours should be to engage a woman into a healthy conversation with you rather than thinking of banging her since the initial part. Light things up by giving a warm smile or a quick joke during the conversation. Remember, if a woman wants to hook up with you, it won’t matter what you say to her rather than how you say it. Your body language and your confidence are the key points when it comes to engaging a woman towards you. Project confidence by looking her straight in the eyes, with your shoulders backed up and keep the tone of your voice smooth and firm. Make slow and deliberate gestures to add the cherry to the cake.


Observe Her Body Language

There are many signs and subtleties shown by women depending on the situation they are in. You just have to carefully detect those signs and you will be in control. Remember if she fidgets or taps things, she’s nervous and uncomfortable. If she licks her lips, runs her hands constantly through her hair or plays with her ear lobes than you are in good luck my friend because she is sending you buying signals. Another very important gesture is her smile. If she smiles and shows her teeth than she’s most probably interested in what you have to say and if she smiles without showing her teeth and by looking away then you can figure out that you are boring her.


Be Honest

Always be honest about your intentions. Avoid being blunt, at the same time project what you really think about her rather than faking things up. Don’t use cheesy lines to try to impress her, instead compliment her in an honest way like “Wow! I really like the dress or the shoes you’re wearing, it really suits you”. Always be clear about your intentions and let her know about it in an indirect way.


End Things Up In A Positive Aspect

There are several options on this point. If things go well in a public place and she does not make a move to invite you somewhere, then you can move the party somewhere else in various manners like,

1. “Lets go get a drink somewhere, just the two of us.”

2. “There’s a lot of people here, i think we could use some privacy.”

3. “This place has started to seem boring, lets head somewhere else.’

But if it seems that things are not turning up the way you wanted rather in a totally opposite manner than what you can do is at-least ask for her phone number. If that seems too direct than ask for her facebook which is a far less threatening


There you have it, play by the rules and you will master the technique of picking up women in no time. If you want to speed things up a little more than you might want to consider having a good wingman along with you.